Hi everyone! I know you all want to COPY my glittery eye shadow so guess what, you got it! Did you know #glittereyeshadow was trending on twitter Sunday night! I couldn’t believe how many people wanted to know what it is. You ask you shall receive! I wore the silver version last year at the reunion and this year I wore the gold! It helps to have a fab makeup artist too! George has been doing my makeup for over 2 years now and as you can see he’s darn good! I have to say, I’m pretty good at doing it myself now after watching him do it so many times! So I decided to give you all the reunion makeup I was wearing that day! You might not have a George, but i’m sure you will look beautiful. Practice makes perfect!

-Always put on an eye cream that helps get rid of those puffy eyes!
-Always moisturize! You can use your favorite moisturizer whatever that may be.
-For my foundation at the reunion George used Dermalogica cover tint, but for everyday I use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.

Blush was Nars (orgasm)

Glittery Eyes:
Urban Decay Primer
Highlight the top of the eye first with Mac (rice paper) Or Urban Decay (foxy)
Apply Mac (saddle) shadow to base of the eye up to the crease
Apply Mac (folie) shadow to the crease, go back and fourth a couple of times (almost like a windshield wiper)
Then apply Makeupforever glitter only below the crease, wet your brush a little so it sticks better.
Then apply your favorite liner. I like to line the inside of my eyes on the water line, top and bottom.
-Dont forget to put on your lashes!!! (very important)

Mac (whirl liner) with Mac (cream cup) lipstick
Mac (love nectar) lipgloss on top of it all

Make sure to tweet me your GORGEOUS pictures!!
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Good Luck! xoxo

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